Sacred Geometry is a marker: it indicates the existence of divine order in our reality. We can follow this order from the atom to the conformation of nature around us, to the movement of the planets, to the confines of the cosmos, finding ourselves at every step.

To explore the knowledge contained in Sacred Geometry is to discover the invisible hand that lies behind all creation. Everything is a matter of geometry, or in other words, life is generated and expressed in patterns, symbols, and geometric forms.

The whole structure of life is based on Sacred Geometry, without exception. Geometry, with its keys, forms, figures and proportions, is found in everything that exists: music, light, the human body, the movement of the galaxies.

The knowledge of sacred geometry was not foreign to our ancestors. Ancient cultures used it as the basis for building their temples and sacred symbols. For them, it was the science of the archetypes of creation.

At a deep level, Geometry is a universal language that tells us how the creative intelligence gave origin (form) to all creation; when deciphering and reading this geometric language, hidden in existence, we realize that we are in front of a guide or a map that describes the wisdom inherent in all life. By following the directions on this map, we remember and recognize this wisdom as a fundamental part of ourselves.

Sacred Geometry is not something external and unknown that lies outside the human realm, but is intimately linked to the balance and ordering of our own body

The human being is created from the principles of Sacred Geometry. There is geometry in every corner of the organism, in every cell, in every thought and emotion… The human being is pure geometry.

Therefore, Geometry cannot be learned, only remembered, because it is already within everything in existence, including ourselves. Training in Sacred Geometry leads us to step by step on a journey of remembrance of our human essence.

Through drawing, recognizing the main forms, understanding the Vesica Piscis, the Flower of Life or the Platonic solids, to learning how to use geometric figures in healing, sacred geometry provides us with an unlimited field of possibilities for this new time.

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