30+ Clever Ways to Use Small Space for Dressing Table with mirror

What can be more feminine and romantic than a dressing table? There was a time when he was an infallible in a woman’s bedroom. When wearing ornaments on the head was a trend, having a mirror to compose and drawers to order all the pines and combs became fundamental. From those touches and touches is that this furniture receives its name, because it also reminds us of the verb “touch up” or “touch up” which, in one of its meanings, refers specifically to makeup and fashion, and means “perfect.”

When fashion was simplified and women stopped “touching up” both their hair, the toilets lost some prominence and functionality, being relegated at home, due to space issues. However, little by little, and with the return of the vintage, they have been recovering their site, they have been modernized and renovated and today they are again a trend.


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