Furniture pieces recovered, inherited or bought in street markets have become popular because of the great presence they have in today’s interiors and the personality they give to contemporary spaces.

Do you want to add a touch of distinction to your home? Follow me and discover the decorative power of the restored antique furniture in the current decoration and how to combine them.

Photography @Stina Inreder

Do you know that antique piece of furniture that you love but don’t know where to put it because you think it won’t combine with the rest? Exactly, recover it and add an attractive focal point in your living room.

Naturally, before you have to adjust it or, if you like original, but it has damages and is in bad condition, restore it.

If it is only the surface, sandpaper and varnish or paint in case you carry it, it is what you will need in most of the furniture to make it shine again.

But before restoring its surface, if the wooden furniture has been stored in a basement or somewhere with moisture, make sure it does not have fungi or xylophagous insects such as woodworm, moths or termites among many other possible.

If you have them, you will notice it right away since the furniture will have many small, very small holes, approximately 1 to 6 mm, depending on the type of xylophagus or fungus that the furniture has.

If you see that the furniture has them, it is best to have professional advice because depending on the type of xylophagus in wood, different treatments are applied to eradicate the pest. There is no universal treatment, therefore, we need external help to eliminate woodworm and termites, or any other xylophagus that, until an expert sees it, can not apply the appropriate treatment.

Once the furniture is healthy and restored or to our liking, we can add it to our living room, and create a special scene, as we see right here below.

Photography Happy Interior Blog

A beautiful vintage waitress table can decorate any room, in a corner, always well preserved or restored, although we do not use it as such, since it can also serve as an auxiliary table.

Although, of course, it does not have to be in the classroom, or, only in it. As I tell you, an original and restored old piece works anywhere. We can also add it in the hall.

Photography @Ashley Martin

If the antique furniture is small and keeps proportion, we can use it in the hall and create a first magazine impression. An old trunk, as Rustic Lanter’s blogger has done, or an old workbench, or any antique furniture that meets the measurements and your decorative demands.

Of course, if it is made of wood, since there are also metal furniture, make sure that the furniture is healthy. If you see holes, do not hesitate and do not take risks, contact the appropriate professionals to avoid problems. Let’s keep going.

Photograph of Chat Fiel Court 

Play with the lines. If in your bedroom the straight lines preside over the overall design, add a piece with curves. The juxtaposition derived from this action is what will give style and personality to the bedroom.

Although if you want to be safe, you can add a piece of antique furniture that, despite being old, goes with the style of the bedroom, making it fit the first.

We can also integrate a piece of furniture of this type into children’s bedrooms, since, although it may not seem so at first, if done in style, they look flawless.

Photography @Stina Inreder

An old wooden file cabinet, restored, with its many practical drawers can add functionality and beauty to the room.

The storage space always comes in handy, and if it also has history and personality, much better, don’t you think?

If in the bedrooms it does not fit or does not work, do not force it and put it in a shoehorn. All the old pieces keep a story, you just have to find the perfect place for the furniture to keep telling it. The house has many other spaces, such as the kitchen, for example, to install that old piece of furniture.

Each piece has its place. Although at first you think that it may look good in a certain room, if it turns out not, do not force it, place it elsewhere, let it be her who tells you where to stay.

Photography Our Vintage Home Love

We can also add it in the dining area. In fact, in this area we have a great opportunity to add some antique furniture, either at the table, like this beautiful and old table that we see above these lines, or chairs, as we see right here below.


Photography Love Grows Wild

Do not be afraid to add old chairs in the dining room, it is a very contemporary decorative resource that makes the dining area or kitchen acquire a different and original style.

Beyond the kitchen to integrate a restored antique furniture, we have the bathroom, another place that a priori we do not think about it to introduce it, but that, if we find the right piece, we can create a magazine scene.

Photography Bre Purposed

There is usually not much space to add a bulky old piece in the bathrooms, but as a cabinet under a sink, with or without drawers, as we see above these lines, it will give the bathroom a very special touch.

Surrounding yourself with this type of pieces and decorating your house with one of them is always a success. They never go out of style, they add a decorative touch with personality, in addition to telling a story; And, as you can see, they work in each room of the house. What do you say, old furniture yes or yes?

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