50+ Most Popular Small Meaningful Tattoos for Women

Small designs are a type of tattoos that have gained a lot of strength and especially those worn by women. This is because they are a type of tattoo that is represented by way of detail, fits very well even in shallow areas of the body and can have great significance even with the small dimensions of which we speak. The results can be very simple, but it is precisely the attractive element of this type of design and it is that with few paths and most times in black tones, very beautiful results are created.

The most common designs we will focus on below are: symbol of infinity, birds, crown, heart, star, diamond, tree, loop, cross, musical notes, treble clef and fa, feathers … It is also common to see a word How can it be love or friendship.

Symbol of infinity; It has been valued by different cultures for the meaning of non-final and all that that means. For some communities it is related to reincarnation and the process by which someone is reincarnated without end (or until he achieves perfection). Another element that is represented by the infinity symbol is the universe and the infinite possibilities that exist.

In a way, it reminds us of the infinite variety of things that can happen in our lives, the decisions made and their repercussions that can interact with other elements and give rise to new combinations, all of them infinitely. In addition, the infinity symbol admits that we can introduce a small phrase or word in the layout of the figure, such as the importance of family, friends, a specific person, etc.

Birds, which are usually represented in two different ways, either a single bird or several of them in line or scattered. The point is that it is a very aesthetic type of design that has a very attractive result and this happens even if it is tattooed in black tones.

The crown is closely linked with the values of power and authority. In ancient times as is well known and more if history has been studied, power over the rest was something considered granted by God, that is, it was considered a legitimate right that was granted in a divine way. It also symbolizes the leadership and ability of those people to organize groups of people. It can be seen that the people who carry this type of design are people with strong personalities and are sure of themselves. They will be leaders by nature and that people follow, people with overwhelming personalities in many cases.

As soon as hearts, stars and diamonds are elements that do not have a meaning as marked as those mentioned above, reference is made rather to a result that visually fits rather than a meaning. Sometimes we can see that these elements are combined with other designs, but my advice is that if it is a small design it is better not to combine many designs, since then it will not be a small tattoo.


Trees represent life and the course of it. It is a good design and even in small dimensions it can have a good result. It is very important to pay attention to a fine and accurate path, since for example the layout of the branches needs a clean and purified technique to achieve a good result. As we said before, even if they are small designs, they can have a powerful meaning that conveys a meaning, so that the meaning of the tree in relation to the course of life and the options that it shows (the different branches), can Be a good design.

The ties are another very common design that although it has a very attractive result does not have a very powerful meaning and the reason why it is tattooed is predominantly aesthetic. In addition, femininity and simplicity are emphasized, so some good areas for tattooing are the ankles, neck or shoulder.

The crosses are another of the designs that we can find in small dimensions, although unlike other designs in small dimensions this one has a religious meaning. No doubt reference will be made to religious values, but that does not mean that the end result is simple and attractive. The biggest advantage of this design is that it fits almost any area of the body.

The musical notes and treble clef and fa are very beautiful elements visually and that also give a meaning and a meaning and that is given the information that is desired, that of a music lover, that is, those who love music and Many of these people think that a day without listening to music is a lost day.

Finally, although in this list we have highlighted the most common, it would be ridiculous to think about describing each of the small designs that people get tattooed, we will talk about the design of the feathers. They are a recent tattoo, but that does not mean that you have tattooed little, but that it has gained great strength in a very short time.

To conclude, the small designs have a very beautiful effect visually on the skin and give a touch of elegance and good taste in most cases. In addition, as we have seen so far, meaning can be combined so that information is not lost because the dimensions are smaller. As a last rabbit to say, that in the majority of occasions (not in all, for example with ties), the designs in small dimensions have a better result in black tone because it reinforces simplicity which contributes to a more attractive result.


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